Your Oakville Deck Builder Answers the Question: What Size Deck Should I Build?

Once you decide to add a deck to your home, the next decision you’ll need to make is how large you want your deck to be. You may have a gut feeling like “not too big” or “as big as possible.” In order to make a firm decision, we need you to be more specific. What’s behind that gut feeling? Why are you concerned about the deck being too big or not big enough? These questions lead to the overriding question: how do you plan to use the deck?

We’re not trying to pry. As your Oakville deck builder, we simply want to make sure you get the deck that meets your needs.

How will you use your deck?

We’re back to that central question. Here are some possible answers:

Alone time:

  • Lounging on the deck simply to enjoy the outdoors
  • Unwinding with a cocktail, talking on the phone, reading or napping

Family time:

  • Lounging outdoors as you catch up on everyone’s activities
  • Dinner for two
  • Dining as a family: how many people?
  • Dining with extended family (more than one table?)


  • Formal seated dinners (1 dining table? 2 tables?)
  • Buffet, finger foods with guests mingling
  • Bar seating and ledges along the deck railing to set drinks or small plates

Additional space requirements

  • Grill or outdoor kitchen
  • Separate areas for lounging and dining
  • Built-in bench seating
  • On-deck fire pit or fire table
  • Hot tub

This level of detail will help you think concretely about just how much space you want on your deck. Another consideration is “space around space.” This means measuring the size of your table and then adding space around it for people to move freely. You won’t just measure the table size; you need to measure the size with chairs pulled up to it. Then, add space for a diner to pull out the chair to get in or out of their place at the table. If you’re entertaining a large group, add space for others to move around the whole table while people are seated there.

Your Archadeck designer takes you from gut feeling to proportions

Your deck won’t exist in a vacuum. Because it will be attached to your home, you want to consider the size and shape of the deck in relation to the size of the house. Here are a few guidelines. They are suggestions, not firm rules:

  • The size of your deck should be proportionate to the size of your house. To many, that means your deck should not be larger than the largest room in your home. Some say your deck shouldn’t be larger than 20% of the total square footage of your house.
  • Aesthetically, most agree a deck should be wider than it is deep. This means the longer dimension of the space will run along the back of your house.
  • We often recommend breaking a large deck up into more than one level. The levels don’t have to be at drastically different heights, though. One or two steps up or down are enough to delineate separate areas of a deck.

Your Oakdale deck builder takes you from proportions to square footage

When we design your deck, we must translate your plans for using the deck into square footage. We can help you visualize proportions and square footage by drafting architectural drawings to scale. We can also include images of tables, lounge chairs, outdoor kitchen, fire pit or hot tub—also drawn to scale—so you can see how much space each of these occupy.

Here are some incremental examples of specific square footage and what furniture each might allow:

  • A 12×12-foot deck offers room for an outdoor furniture set. That might mean a round or square table with two chairs. OR it could mean two lounge chairs with a tiny table between them for beverages. You won’t have room for a table with chairs as well as the lounge chairs.
  • A 12×14-foot deck allows space for a dining table to seat six. You probably will not have room for lounge chairs yet.
  • A 12×16-foot deck gives you room for a dining table and those lounge chairs OR a large dining table with a smaller one nearby, sometimes known as “the kids’ table.”
  • A 12×18-foot deck provides room to add a grill to the above mix.
  • A 12×20-foot deck may give you space for a large dining table, a smaller table with chairs, a couple of lounge chairs and a grill. It’s getting a little crowded, though.

We could continue, but let’s sit down and talk over a sketch pad—with your specific requirements in mind. Notice the above examples do not include the outdoor kitchen, fire pit or hot tub. We want you to have everything you want on your deck! This is your getaway space for relaxing, entertaining and simply being outdoors. It will be yours to enjoy, and Archadeck of the SW GTA will custom design the specific deck for just that purpose. We have the experience designing and building decks to lead you to the perfect deck for your exact lifestyle needs.

If you’re in need of a custom deck, call Archadeck of the SW GTA today to schedule a design consultation. 877-263-0172 Your dream backyard is our mission.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Spaces with Ideas from Your Oakville Deck Builder

When you visit a resort, you take for granted the creature comforts, amenities and beautiful setting; why not recreate that feeling at home and enjoy it every day? We’ve put together a list of ways you can upgrade your outdoor living spaces and feel like you’re on vacation any time. Let us help you create a dream resort in your own backyard.

Arrange the ultimate relaxation station to take Oakville outdoor living to new heights

Close your eyes and imagine your deck as the ultimate setting where you can relax and let your cares drift away. What comforts would the ideal deck at a resort contain? Could your deck furniture be more cushioned? Would comfy pillows make you feel pampered? What about a couple of soft blankets? Take the chill off the evening by investing in luxurious blankets or throws to use on the deck. Now all you need is a cup of tea or hot cocoa and a good book!

Create the perfect mood with deck lighting

In today’s busy life, it is often after dark when we can finally enjoy our backyard resort. With the perfect deck lighting built right in, you can enjoy a lovely relaxing mood with help from the soft glow. Deck lighting can transport you to your favorite destination with the simple switch of a flip. Put your feet up and relax under the stars anytime you wish.

Invest in shade with help from your Oakville deck builder and a new porch roof or pergola

At the best resorts, you don’t have to be exposed to the sun a moment longer than you choose to be. Nor do you have to retreat indoors to escape the sun’s UV rays and lingering heat. When you add a shade feature to your deck, such as a porch roof or pergola, you can enjoy the outdoors while staying comfortable and protected. Your Oakville deck builder will show you a variety of options for adding shade to your deck.

Surround yourself with the beauty of flowers in container gardens

Container gardens are marvelous pockets of beauty that bring cheer to any deck and will increase your pure enjoyment of Oakville outdoor living. Do you have a green thumb? If you do, you will derive extra benefit from planting your own combinations of color, form, and texture in mix-and-match planters on your deck. If having a green thumb is not among your traits, let the friendly plant people at your garden center help you. Part of the fun is selecting the planters because the variety of available planter shapes, sizes, and materials—stone, ceramic, composite decking products, etc.—is dazzling.

Declutter your deck and outdoor kitchen with new outdoor storage solutions

Have you shopped for outdoor storage solutions lately? New, cleverly-designed outdoor cabinetry can look as good as that in your home! If your deck contains items you don’t use every day, add attractive benches that include hidden storage under cushions. If your outdoor kitchen boasts more accouterments than your indoor kitchen has, consider upgrading your under-the-counter storage configuration in the outdoor kitchen. While it will feel good to get organized again, the real treat will be the additional level of relaxation you experience when clutter is no longer in view.

Take the No-More-Deck-Maintenance vow and re-deck with composite decking boards

If you have a wooden deck, how can you relax thoroughly when you see the deck as a chore that needs to be completed each year? The routine of sanding, staining and sealing the deck is nobody’s idea of a good time when you’re sinking into comfort at your at-home resort. Whether you’ve been doing the work yourself or hiring someone to take care of this annual chore, let it go! Ask your Oakville deck builder if your deck is a good candidate for re-decking so you can replace those weathered wooden deck boards with low-maintenance composite decking. Re-decking is more cost-effective than building a new deck from scratch, and the results can be just as beautiful!

If you’re in need of re-decking, a new deck, new patio, or new porch to make any of these Oakville outdoor living dreams a reality, call Archadeck of the SW GTA today to schedule a design consultation. 877-263-0172 Your dream backyard is our mission.

Combining Multiple Outdoor Living Structures Creates A Flexible Mississauga Backyard Retreat

Are you planning a Mississauga backyard upgrade? Is it a challenge to decide if you want a deck, porch, patio, or three-season room? At Archadeck of the SW Greater Toronto area, we have decision-making built into our process with you. Our expert knowledge of function and design allow us to take your needs and create the perfect space to satisfy those lifestyle goals. Did you know you don’t have to choose? Creating a backyard with multiple structures is a great way to meet your family’s varying outdoor living requirements.

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to come to the design meeting with a long list of requirements for their backyard space. Often, the functional needs require more than one structure to meet the versatility they are looking for. In this case, we propose some combination of a porch, three-season room, composite deck, and patio space to accommodate all their goals in a large adjoining outdoor living space.

Not sure if a combination of outdoor structures is right for you? We have the top 10 reasons you should consider a combination of structures for your backyard renovation:

  1. Provide a sunny space to your sun-loving friends and family with a deck or patio and a shady area for those hot-bodied, shade-loving folks with a porch.
  2. A stone patio at the base of your deck stair is perfect for staying out of the mud and creating a natural transition to the lawn.
  3. With a dry-deck drainage system you can enjoy a covered patio underneath your second story deck.
  4. A screened porch with your deck or patio creates a space to retreat to when the insects are plentiful – keeping flies off food, and mosquitoes off your ankles.
  5. Three-season rooms extend your indoor and outdoor living space depending on the season. Retreat from the deck on a cool night, retreat from the indoors when you need peace and solitude on a less than a beautiful day.
  6. Allow a division between adult space and kids space during family gatherings with a deck and patio.
  7. Create a safe place for your grill master with a composite deck or patio outside of your porch.
  8. A sloping backyard is suited best for an upper story deck with a patio below so you can have dining space right off your kitchen as well as entertaining space with better accessibility to the yard.
  9. Create separate but adjacent dining and lounging spaces for entertaining and daily needs with a covered porch and composite deck combination.
  10. Pool areas often require a patio with pavers or stone for maximum durability, but to create a cool retreat for those who are not swimming or sun-bathing is best done with a covered or screened in back porch between the pool patio and home.

What is your reason for creating a multi-structural outdoor living space in your backyard? Tell us your dream outdoor living space combination and we’ll help make your dream a reality. No matter what your family’s needs are, we have a custom outdoor living solution to meet it. Call 877-263-0172 or email today.

Oakville Back Porches Provide Flexible Outdoor Living Options

Are you planning to create a backyard retreat in the coming months? If so, you may be busy deciding between a deck and a patio – but have you considered a back porch?

If your main living space is elevated from the backyard you likely are leaning towards a deck, but if you are at ground level, a stone patio might be at the top of your list. What if I told you, we can create a back porch in either case, that can be enjoyed more comfortably during inclement weather, hot and sunny weather, as well as during mosquito season? Open porches and screened porches are becoming the go-to outdoor living structure as homeowners want to enjoy a comfortable outdoor living retreat, at their own homes.

What Type of Porch Additions Are Available?

Open porches are a big hit with their rain and sun protection and their easy access. They provide a sanctuary from the elements while still immersing you in all that your backyard has to offer.

Screened porches are the second option as they not only provide rain and UV protection but with their floor-to-ceiling screens, they keep the annoying pests out. This is a perfect solution if you have a lot of mosquitoes at dusk, or are serving dinner al fresco and want to keep the flies from swarming the delicious meal you’ve prepared. Some homeowners love the bit of added privacy screens give them as well.

Where Can I Add a Back Porch?

Back porches can be added to decks, patios, or built from scratch. Many clients we work with want to have a covered area as well as an open area so you may want a porch and deck, porch and patio, or all three. By having a covered and open area you can provide a space for everyone. Sun-lovers can absorb the warmth of the sun’s rays, the cook can have her grill in the open area for safety, and those allergic to mosquitoes can be safe on the porch.

If you think a porch or combination space is a good solution for your home and family needs, give Archadeck of the S.W. GTA a call today. 877-263-0172 We create custom-designed outdoor spaces to fit your life and our expert crews will breathe well-crafted life into your one-of-kind outdoor living space. We look forward to hearing from you.

How to Choose the Right Oakville Deck Contractor

Choosing an Oakville deck contractor can be a daunting task. You’ve probably heard a few horror stories and are ready to tackle your selection with the due diligence to give you peace-of-mind, a good experience, and top-quality results. In an effort to help you simplify your search, we offer you the top eightthings you should consider when selecting your deck contractor:

Read Reviews & Check References

Hearing first-hand from those who have worked with your prospective contractor is one of the best ways you can tell if they are the right fit for you. Reading online reviews is a great first step, but talking directly to a client reference is better – ask for client references from the builder.

View Their Work

Seeing samples of a builder’s work is a great way to verify their expertise and quality. You can do this online by checking out our project portfolio, but often times a builder can arrange for you to see a project that is similar to yours, in person. Just ask.

Check Licenses and Insurance

Be sure your prospective Oakville deck contractor is licensed and insured. This will give you peace-of-mind that you’re protected. At Archadeck we have all the required licenses and insurance, as well as a guarantee provided by a third party that no matter what happens your project will be completed to the specifications in the contract.

Meet the Builder – Strong Communication is Essential

When you’ve completed enough research to feel you are ready to consider a specific contractor, schedule a consultation. Getting a sense of the person and company you’ll be working with is important. After all, many deck and patio projects take several months to complete and you’ll be communicating regularly with each other throughout the process. Feeling comfortable with your contractor is a vital component to a satisfactory experience. At Archadeck, we’ll keep in close communication with you throughout the entire process and you are free to contact us anytime a question comes to mind.

Custom Design

Choose a builder who will create a custom design to meet your specific goals for function and style. With a builder who is focused on you and your needs, you can count on getting the most use from the space in which you are investing.

Proper Inspections & Codes

Make sure your builder is following code and the proper permit and inspection process. At Archadeck, we have a tried and true process that includes handling all of the local building requirements. We always meet building codes and often exceed them for a quality and lasting project every single time. We also handle permitting and inspections so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Meeting Your Budget

At Archadeck of SW GTA, our design proposal includes the full scope of the project which is custom designed to meet your functional goals. When you are comparing your contractors, be sure the project scopes are the same and are detailed in the quote. A contract should always include a clear picture of the project, the cost, the payment schedule and other important terms of service.


Make sure your deck or patio builder provides a warranty. A written warranty shows that the builder stands behind the quality of their workmanship. At Archadeck, our 5-year structural warranty is one of the best in the industry.

We are confident if you take the time to learn about the reputation and professionalism of a deck and patio builder, you will make an excellent choice and be on your way to enjoying a new outdoor living space soon. If we can help, please give us a call or complete the form to the right, we look forward to hearing from you. 877-263-0172

Oakville Custom Decks Fit Your Life & Your Property for Dream Outdoor Living

Being the best custom Oakville deck builder means there is no one-size-fits-all or even one-size-fits-a-few deck design. With many factors being figured into our custom deck designs, there are endless combinations of size, shape, location, materials, and accessory additions that make each deck we build perfect for the homeowners who work closely with us to finalize that design. While many choices are made from start to finish to make a deck custom for you, what really makes each project special and unique is the amazing family who will enjoy the space for many years after the deck construction is complete.

So what goes into a custom deck design?

Basic Deck Design: Size & Shape

The size, shape, and basic style of a deck is decided using many considerations:

  • Function: How will you use your deck? If entertaining large groups of family and friends is your goal, a large single level deck might meet your needs the best.
  • Form: What are your preferences for style and maximizing views of the yard? Multi-level decks with black railings allow for better sight lines while a single level deck with white railings might meet your traditional style.
  • Terrain: How do your home and property work together? Is the main living space of your home at ground level in front, but second story in the back? An elevated, multi-level deck is a great solution for a more functional and gentle transition to the backyard. Or maybe you’d prefer two large spaces with a single-level elevated deck and a large covered patio underneath.
  • Stair Style & Placement: What access points do you need to make life easy? Some homeowners may need a staircase on both sides of their deck to easily access various parts of their property. Others may benefit best from a wide staircase coming straight off the back. We’ll help you figure out the right stairs to meet your lifestyle needs.

Decking Materials

When it comes to deciding what materials to use, it is much more than choosing between wood and composite decking boards. If you choose composite, you have a variety of color choices. Once the decking is chosen, there are many styles, colors, and material options for railings and infill. Someone who loves modern design might choose glass infill for a clear view of the yard from anywhere on the deck or in the house, while a transitional house might look best with aluminum dark gray or black railings for a twist on the traditional with low-maintenance living.

Matching Form with Function

Adding the function to a beautiful deck can come with many optional accessories. Deck lighting in stair risers, under railings, and on post caps are a perfect choice for those who like to spend evenings under the stars. Adding built-in benches for extra seating is great for small to mid-size decks when you know you want to fit more people. Built-in planters give you a permanent place to stick blooming annuals. And a porch roof or pergola can give you the shade you might prefer during the sunny, hot summer months. Whatever your lifestyle needs are, we’ll make sure your beautiful custom deck not only meets those functions but looks good while doing it!

When it comes to Oakville custom deck building, each client presents us a unique opportunity to create something special with top-quality craftsmanship and years of outdoor living satisfaction to provide. We hope you’ll consider Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga, and Milton when you’re ready to build or upgrade your Oakville deck. Start today with a design consultation by calling 877-263-0172.

Oakville Deck Builder Brings the Low-Maintenance Lifestyle to GTA Homeowners

There are many fantastic reasons to choose composite decking and other synthetic materials for your decks and porches. But amongst all of those amazing benefits, the lifestyle benefits far outweigh everything else. No longer will you have to dedicate a couple of weekends per year to staining, painting or sealing, but every weekend can be spent on recreation, relaxation, and with life’s most important people.

By combining composite decking boards from AZEK, TimberTech, or Trex with other synthetic materials such as aluminum or PVC for posts, railings, trim, pergolas, and ceiling finishes, Oakville homeowners enjoy never having to stain, paint or seal any part of their outdoor space. The synthetic outdoor living materials we use will stay looking new for decades without costly and time-consuming refinishing. If surfaces become dirty, a quick spray with the garden hose will do the trick.

Low-Maintenance Decking

Low-maintenance decking is available in composite, PVC, and composite wrapped in PVC. It is the most requested decking material due to its beauty, longevity, low-maintenance, and lifetime value. Your deck or porch floor is the largest surface area of your outdoor living space, and simply choosing this will save you at least one weekend of annual maintenance every year. And with Oakville’s harsh winters, you’ll sleep easy knowing you’ve invested in a space that will last 25-30+ years without needing to be replaced or refinished.

Low-Maintenance Railings, Posts, and Trim

If you are choosing composite decking, we recommend you choose low-maintenance railings, posts, and trim to complete the low-maintenance lifestyle. We have many low-maintenance options such as aluminum railings, glass infill, aluminum wrapped posts, and PVC tongue and groove porch ceilings. You’ll enjoy the benefits of these choices for decades when you’re not painting your railings (if you’ve ever painted railings, you know how tedious of a project that can be.) In addition to the savings in time and energy for staining and sealing, you’ll enjoy how the materials complement your space with a clean, smooth finish. After all, good design all comes down to the details.

Low-Maintenance Outdoor Living Accessories

We often add gorgeous shade structures and other accessories to outdoor living spaces such as pergolas, arbors, privacy walls and more. While the traditional version of these items is often a wood product, we can provide low-maintenance, durable options for all of them. With an aluminum pergola, you won’t need to worry about staining or sealing the wood. You won’t need to worry about pests such as wasps and ants burrowing into the product. You’ll simply be able to enjoy the comfort your outdoor living accessory provides with just a simple wash down with a garden hose if it gets dirty.

If you’re interested in building a long-lasting, easy-to-own, impossible-not-to-love outdoor space, we urge you to consider composite decking and other low-maintenance materials for your project. As your neighbor is sweating his way through his bi-annual deck staining weekends, you’ll be kicking back with a glass of wine in your backyard retreat. We have fantastic relationships with many vendors, and our expert design team can transform these modern products into traditional designs as well as modern designs to fit your tastes. Call Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga & Milton today to begin the design process. 877-263-0172

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Archadeck of Oakville and SW GTA as your Custom Deck & Patio Builder

Choosing an Oakville builder or contractor for any home improvement project can be a challenge. You may ask yourself many questions, such as Is the builder trustworthy and reputable? Will my project be completed in a timely fashion? Is the quality of their craftsmanship the best? Are they licensed and insured? And more specific questions for your outdoor living project such as Can they build the right outdoor living space to meet my functional AND aesthetic needs?

At Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga and Milton, we can answer yes to all of these questions when building decks, patios, porches and related outdoor living accessories. As a locally owned and operated Archadeck, we are committed to customizing your backyard project to meet unique Greater Toronto Area needs, creating an outdoor lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. And with the backing of a multi-national company who has built more than a hundred thousand projects in the last 37 years, we know you’ll feel confident in the processes that are in place to ensure quality.

With a long list of reasons to choose Archadeck for your next outdoor living project, here are our top 5:

Fantastic Custom Design.

We believe good design is at the heart of every beloved outdoor living space. Not just for looks, the best functionality comes from the best-designed spaces and that requires customization. We work closely with each and every client to recommend design elements and structural features that will meet your needs within your budget. Our custom design will be continuously adjusted with your input until we agree upon the final project. Every feature is customized for you, from the first big choice when deciding on a deck, patio, and porch, down to the tiniest detail of decking material, color, railings, and finishes. We want your space to reflect your personality and lifestyle in design and function and will work diligently to reach that goal.

Experience & Professionalism.

Our design staff and construction crews are the most detail-oriented in the business. We make sure your project not only looks great but is built with the highest level of quality and will function at the level you desire. Thanks to our strong vendor relationships, we offer the best variety of the most innovative low-maintenance materials to make ownership a breeze, but we have the experience to make the resulting aesthetic traditional, modern, or somewhere in between. With your goals in mind, any backyard dream can become a reality.

The Archadeck Process.

Being the largest deck builder in North America, Archadeck has developed the most effective design process throughout their many years and hundreds of thousands of projects. With a client-centered approach and high-quality production, our projects all start with a thorough professional design consultation at your home. With a computer-rendered design plan and carefully documented written contracts, we’ll finalize your project scope in close collaboration you. We will handle all permits and inspections as needed as our skilled and dedicated carpentry crews build and supervise every aspect of your custom backyard space.

Construction & Quality Control.

With almost forty years in business, Archadeck has been able to develop a strict construction process for building consistently with top-quality craftsmanship. All structures are constructed above code regulations for strength and longevity and we carry all the proper liability insurances to protect our team and your project. Every project is started with structural and material planning and preconstruction meetings for design continuity and a clearly understood project scope. Team members visit the home constantly during construction for quality control audits. We are dedicated to the quality of your project as well as your comfort throughout the process.

Industry Leading Warranty.

Archadeck is determined to break the mold when it comes to home services. We stand behind our commitment to quality with written warranties for all custom built outdoor living spaces. We offer a one-year guarantee on workmanship, a five-year guarantee on structural integrity and further backing by the National Guarantee Corporation (NGC) to guarantee your project will be completed to the terms of your contract. Additionally, we will provide you with all the relevant manufacturer warranty information for the materials used to build your project.

While we would love for everyone to take our word for it, we know that our actions and our clients’ reactions speak louder than anything else. Please review our testimonials on Google to get a sense of what recent clients are saying. And be sure to reach out to us for direct referrals should you wish to ask specific questions of any of our previous clients, we’d be happy to provide you with contact information. 877-263-0172 When you’re ready to renovate your Oakville backyard, give us a call to get started. We look forward to working with you!

When is the Best Time to Start an Oakville Patio Addition?

Outdoor living trends in Oakville are leaning heavily towards stonework. With the low-maintenance beauty and large selection of gorgeous paver stones and natural stone, beautiful Oakville patio additions are a popular way to take the indoors out! The clean lines and natural looking surfaces result in a backyard escape that can feel as tranquil as a tropical getaway, allowing you to unwind and forget your day’s troubles. So when is the best time to start an Oakville patio addition project? Anytime is a good time to get started! While you may think winter is impossible, but given the length of the process, it is the perfect time to start.

Why is Winter a Good Time to Begin An Oakville Patio Addition Project?

Fall and winter can provide a great opportunity for planning your new Oakville patio addition. With Archadeck of the SW GTA, you get a full-service outdoor living design and build experience. This means we will work closely with you on a custom patio design to meet your specific requirements. We will listen to your needs, updating the design until every detail is satisfactory. When the design is approved, we’ll order the materials and schedule our crew for after the estimated arrival. This time between design approval and materials arriving is a great use of cold winter weather.

Winter Planning = Spring Enjoyment

Once materials arrive, we can begin construction on your new patio addition as soon as the snow melts in early spring. By having your design done, you’ll enjoy early spring patio construction and be relaxing on your new patio before summer arrives.

Beat the Spring Rush

If you wait until spring to get started, you’ll experience our busiest time of year. This spring rush means that good builders will have designers and crews scheduled out a few weeks or months in advance and material suppliers are busier. The truth of the matter is, you’ll get premium service from us any time of year, but scheduling will become more complicated during the spring rush. We urge you to consider getting started in the winter to avoid the crowds.

If you’ve been dreaming of outdoor summer living as soon as the first brisk days arrived in the fall and winter, there is no better way to get through the cold winter than by planning your new Oakville patio addition. With Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga, and Milton you’ll enjoy the best customer service throughout the design and construction phases. Call today for a design consultation. 877-263-0172 We look forward to working with you!

Oakville Deck Building: Winter is the Best Time to Start Your Project for Spring & Summer Completion

Winter is coming. As we brace ourselves for several months of long nights and cold weather, we may find ourselves dreaming of building a new Oakville deck, patio, or complete outdoor living space in the spring. It might be tempting to wait until March or April to give us a call to start your custom backyard project, but that is not necessary.

Construction can begin as soon as the ground is not frozen and the snow has melted. In fact, the sooner we can start building, the more summer enjoyment you will get from your first summer in your new outdoor living space. For that reason, we recommend starting the design and building process with us as soon as possible. Using these cold winter months working on the design of your new space, ordering materials, and filing for permits is a perfect use of time.

Spend your winter planning for a summer outdoors in your new outdoor space.

In fact, there are quite a few reasons why winter is the best time to begin a new Oakville deck construction project:

  • Our custom deck and outdoor living designs require close collaboration with you. This process can take a few rounds of going back and forth, making adjustments and getting the project just right.
  • Securing building permits can take a long time as we are at the mercy of the building department. Starting this process now, means you don’t have to let the good spring weather pass you by while we are waiting for deck building permits to come in.
  • At Archadeck of Oakville, our spring and summer construction schedules fill fast. In fact, spring is our busiest time of year. If you start the process now, you beat the rush and are on the schedule for construction when others are just starting the process.
  • Some suppliers increase prices at the turn of the calendar year. If we get started now and sign before the year ends, we can often secure the current year’s pricing for next year’s build.

Summer is a great time to enjoy a new custom Oakville outdoor living space. We want you to relish every minute of the upcoming summer, and hope you’ll start working with us now so we can make your summer outdoor living dreams a reality. Call Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga, and Milton today to begin the design process on your new Oakville deck. 877-263-0172

Remember to view our outdoor living galleries for design inspiration.

Luxurious Oakville Covered Porches Create an Everyday Retreat in Your Backyard

Oakville outdoor living is all about taking the comforts of the indoors out, a challenging task with the unpredictable weather in the Greater Toronto area. Facing that task head-on, covered porches have become one of today’s most popular Oakville outdoor living trends. By building a covered porch, or adding a porch roof to your deck or patio, you can enjoy the space in rainy and hot sunny weather while staying comfortable.

Sun Protection with a Covered Porch

Blocking the harsh UV rays of the hot sun allows you to spend more time outdoors during the much-beloved summer season. A covered porch is a perfect way to enjoy an airy open space with full shade. To increase your comforts, you can add a ceiling fan to maximize air flow. A perfect addition to a composite deck, pool or paver patio space, you can add a covered porch for relaxation, entertaining, or dining al fresco all summer long.

Covered Porches Provide Rain Protection

The sweet smell of rain and the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof above make covered porches an especially enjoyable space to relax. With an average of 139 days of rain per year in the Oakville area, you can take full advantage with a covered porch at your home. Relax with a glass of wine, a fantastic book, or a great friend and continue to enjoy Oakville outdoor living no matter how long the rain falls.

Luxurious Outdoor Furnishings

Taking the cozy comforts of indoors out is becoming more and more literal. With outdoor lounge furniture, throw pillows, layered rugs, end tables, lighting, televisions, and decorative accessories, Oakville outdoor spaces are truly becoming an extension of our indoor square footage. To accomplish these goals with less hassle, a dry, covered porch is a must-have. Leave your throws and pillows out, with more protection from the weather. Enjoy shelter for your television and plenty of space for your guests to watch the big game or series premiere. Free yourself from the confinement of indoor spaces for viewing parties.

Covered porches are an excellent choice for many Oakville homeowners. They can be as big or small as you’d like and can feature a variety of roof styles depending on your home’s architecture and personal style preference. We can add many accessories such as lighting, ceiling fans, and outdoor fireplaces to meet your needs. After all, it is not about decks, porches, or patios; it is all about how you live! Call today to learn more about building a covered porch at your Oakville, Ontario home. At Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga, and Milton we look forward to creating the backyard of your dreams. 877-263-0172

How to Choose an Oakville Outdoor Room: Sunrooms, Three Season Rooms, and Screened Porches All Provide Unique Benefits

Are you preparing to add an outdoor room to you Oakville or Burlington home? Is choosing between a screened porch, three-season room, or sunroom a challenge? All three outdoor room additions offer immersion into the great outdoors while providing protection from hot sun, rain, and annoying insects. Our expert design team is happy to discuss your personal style, lifestyle, and home’s unique architecture to help make the best decision for your family. But, we can start by giving you an idea of the differences and advantages of each outdoor room.

Oakville Sunrooms

The most luxurious and complex of the three options, Oakville sunrooms provide all of the comforts of an indoor room such as insulation, heating, and air conditioning. Sunrooms, sometimes called four-season rooms, often feature a fully finished interior with drywall, electricity, wood floors or carpet, and all the functions of any room in your home. Sunrooms provide a bright and airy addition to your home, your best choice for fully functioning additional square footage that can be used year-round in any weather condition.

Oakville Three-Season Rooms

Three season rooms are gaining popularity thanks to the improvement in vinyl porch windows, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor heaters. A three-season room is essentially a screened porch with the addition of porch windows that can close completely to block the wind, rain, and cold air. Open the windows entirely, and you get the feeling of a screened porch when the weather is ideal. One of the main differences between a three-season room and sunroom is sunrooms have insulation and HVAC. A 3 season room is a great choice for an open, airy outdoor room, providing more weather protection than a screened in porch, but less complex and costly than a sunroom.

Oakville Screened In Porches

Screened in porches have gained a great deal of popularity over the years. As families begin to seek more time outdoors, it is only natural they want to make that space comfortable. Screened-in porches provide an outdoor space protected from the sun and rain for use during inclement weather. They also provide protection from annoying summer insects like mosquitoes and flies – making it perfect for nighttime enjoyment. Screened in porches can be outfitted with lighting, ceiling fans, outdoor kitchens and even outdoor fireplaces to offer a complete backyard retreat all in one space.

Screened in porches also make a great addition to decks, paver patios, and multi-feature outdoor spaces to provide options for family members and guests who seek more protection from the elements. Screened in porches are a perfect choice if you are seeking a bit more comfort than a composite deck allows.

With so many great choices for Oakville outdoor living, it is best to have the experts at Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga, and Milton to guide you through the details. As a design and build firm, our goal is finding the right outdoor structures to meet your needs and custom design it to work perfectly for you! Call today to schedule a design consultation. 877-263-0172

Oakville Under-Deck Drainage Systems Create Dry Space for Additional Outdoor Living Under Your Elevated Deck

Have you ever thought the space under your elevated or second story deck as wasted? Have you found that even though you have a patio below it doesn’t get used nearly as much as it could? Oakville under decking is a great option for adding function below your elevated deck.

What is Under Decking?

With a variety of names, under decking, under deck drainage system, sealed deck, under deck roof, under deck gutters, under-deck water proofing, these systems all have the same goal. The systems divert water or melting snow that would normally drip through the deck boards to keep the space under the deck dry. This creates a completely dry space under your deck that can be transformed into a dry patio, deck, or outdoor room.

How do Under-Deck Drainage Systems Work?

While there are several products on the market, they all generally work the same. With a series of troughs and gutters installed under your deck boards on the support joists. Water that would normally drip through is channeled down a gutter to a location that is more convenient.

The Many Benefits of a Dry Deck System

With the addition of an under deck drainage system, your options for the area under your deck grow exponentially. While many simply enjoy the new dry and shady space, others take it up a level. With the dry deck system, we can add a decorative ceiling, electricity, recessed lighting, ceiling fans and more. We can even transform the space under your deck into a three-season room or screened in patio. With the deck as your roof, you’re allowing an already existing structure to pull double duty.

Under deck drainage systems are perfect for homes with walkout basements, on steep slopes, split-level designs, upper-floor balconies or decks, and any home with an elevated deck. Deck drainage systems can even be used on main-floor or low-to-grade decks to keep moisture from building up underneath, extending the life of your deck’s substructure. A perfect choice for Toronto’s wintery and wet climate.

Call Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga and Milton today to schedule a design consultation for your new under-deck drainage system. 877-263-0172

The Top Six Benefits of Adding a Covered Porch to Your Oakville ON Home

Do you have front porch envy? Driving through your favorite neighborhood or taking your dog for a walk can allow you to view and adore a variety of home entries. If a covered porch is catching your eye, it might be time to call Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga, and Milton.

Beautiful Covered Porches

We maximize curb appeal and improve the daily lives of homeowner’s all over the Greater Toronto area by building the most beautiful covered front porches and porticos. With Archadeck you’ll get a custom designed covered front porch that looks original to the home. We can even include a paver walkway and stone landscape walls for your flower beds to take your home from plain to sophisticated and modern.

Increased Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is your home’s best chance for a first impression. Your family goes in and out multiple times a day, making it a vital part of your home in regards to function too. If you find yourself fighting to get the key in the door in the rain or you’re always tracking in mud and slush, a covered porch could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Enjoy these top benefits of an Oakville covered porch with help from Archadeck:

  • A perfect spot for that morning cup of coffee.
  • Add stunning curb appeal and charm to your home.
  • A convenient dry area right outside the door for kicking off muddy boots, and closing umbrellas.
  • An outdoor space you won’t have to shovel snow from.
  • A perfect place to relax during a summer rain shower.
  • Create a perfect meeting space for neighborly chats.

If you’re ready to give your Oakville or Mississauga home a face-lift call the best Oakville porch builder today for a design consultation. We look forward to working with you. 877-263-0172

What is the difference between composite and PVC decking?

When it comes to choosing the right material for your low-maintenance outdoor living space addition, there are many choices…

As we discussed in our previous story which outlines the 3 types of synthetic decking, What is the difference between Composite decking, PVC decking, and Capstock? the task of deciding which decking is the right fit can often be daunting. Here at Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga & Milton we realize this and are poised to educate about the various species of synthetic on the market so that you have all the tools necessary to make an informed choice.

Today, we are going to compare the differences between composite and PVC decking.

Capped Composite:

  • Capped Wood/Plastic Composite Material
  • Periodic Cleaning of dirt & debris
  • Real Wood Look
  • 25-Year Fade & Stain Warranty
  • Durable
  • Mold/Mildew Resistance
  • Stain Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Colorfast
  • Splinter Free


  • Solid Cellular PVC
  • Sweep or hose off when dirty
  • Enhanced wood look with colors, patterns, and undulation
  • Lighter weight
  • 30-year limited fade & stain plus limited lifetime against material defects, termites, rotting, cracking, cupping and more
  • Maximum durability
  • The most mold and mildew resistant material for decking
  • Increased stain resistance
  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Highest fade resistance
  • Splinter Free
  • Heat dissipation keeps it cool on bare feet
  • Higher up-front cost

Today’s Composites

Composites are by far the oldest decking product on the market. Composites came onto the scene in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Composites are made up of wood pulp that is combined with plastic which is often derived from recycled plastic.This combination of wood pulp and plastic is used to create this low-maintenance decking material. Even though composites don’t require staining or painting, they do need to be kept clean in order to keep them looking and functioning their best. A good comparison of what can happen to a wood composite deck is to look at what an ignored leaf can do to a concrete driveway if it is not removed promptly. This is the same thing that can happen to a composite deck if it is not kept clean. Since we are dealing with products that are exposed to the outside elements on a daily basis, composite needs to be checked for any debris or dirt on a regular basis too.

Over the years Archadeck has watched composites continue to improve in appearance and durability. Many composites promise the best of everything, from stain resistance to low maintenance and much more. TimberTech is a renowned leader in composite decking and a brand we embrace as Oakville’s premier deck builder. Their composite decking offers scratch, stain and fade resistance that carries a 25-year warranty. TimberTech, like many of the leading composite manufacturers, has mastered the art of composites with wood graining and details that closely resemble the look of real wood. In the case of this high- quality composites it is like real wood, but even better.

PVC Decking

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) decking materials, just like traditional composites, have fade and stain protection through their warranties. But unlike composite, PVC is a solid cellular plastic.This means PVC is free of any wood ingredients. This makeup creates a non-porous and very dense decking material. With these attributes, PVC decking only requires minimal maintenance. It will not fade, warp, crack, splinter or stain. PVC is also very moisture friendly and is used heavily around pools, spas and as a docking material.

Solid PVC is known as the second generation of decking materials, as it arrived on the scene a little over a decade ago. Pro-cell was the original PVC manufacturer which was later purchased by AZEK, which specialized in PVC trim used around homes. Today, AZEK and TimberTech are part of the same company. PVC products deliver the ultimate in low-maintenance characteristics but are generally at the higher end price point. The cost for synthetics can vary depending on the color, pattern, and amount of streaking and undulation present but are more expensive than traditional composites. Among the leader in solid PVC decking is, of course, AZEK, but Fiberon and many other manufacturers are offering solid PVC along with their capstock and composite decking lines.

When it comes down to the differences in composite and PVC, the bottom line is their makeup and price. Our goal as Oakville’s best deck builder is to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision when choosing the material that bests suits your needs and budget for your new outdoor structure.

Contact us today to learn more about choosing the perfect deck for your home in Oakville ON, Mississauga, Burlington ON or Milton ON. Give us a call for a free consultation at 877-263-0172 or drop us an email us.

Beautiful Oakville Ontario Decks Start with Composite Decking

Adding a deck to your Oakville backyard to build functional, comfortable, cozy, and beautiful outdoor living space is a great way to increase your time outdoors. To create more free time, choose TimberTech composite decking products so you’ll never have to stain, seal, or paint your deck. With today’s top quality composite decking products, decks of all shapes, sizes and elaborations are possible. Check out the gorgeous composite deck design options below:

Diagonal Deck Pattern with Contrasting Picture Frame

A sophisticated choice for a stunning, yet simple custom deck design feature.

Decorative Post Caps

A perfect finishing touch that can pull double duty as deck lighting.

Sleek Curves

Not possible with wood decks, a curved edge creates a lovely contrast to the deck’s straight edges.

Artistic Designs

Express your fun side with an imaginative custom decking inlay.

Deck Lighting

Create functional nighttime space with built-in deck lighting by Archadeck.

Low-Maintenance Railings

Long lasting, stunning and modern, low-maintenance railings are essential for composite deck design.

Alternating Deck Board Patterns in Different Spaces

A visual cue for differentiating adjoining but separate spaces and levels.

Modern Composite Deck Designs

With composite, the most modern design options are readily available for your choosing.

View our deck gallery for more composite deck design inspiration. Whatever your outdoor living needs are, we are certain a composite deck custom designed by Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga & Milton will be a great choice. Call today 877-263-0172, email us or fill out the form to the right.

Mississauga ON Deck Builder Offers Small Yard Deck Solution with Gorgeous Multi-Level Composite Decks

Multi-level decks are a favorite in outdoor living design for their gorgeous looks and modern design features. With grand designs and layers of gorgeous composite decking, it is easy to see why everyone loves multi-level decks. When it comes to functionality, multi-level decks hit the nail on the head in a multitude of ways. A perfect solution to a sloping backyard, multi-level composite decking flows seamlessly, becoming part of the natural landscape.

Small Spaces

Mississauga multi-level decking is perfect for a small space. With constraints in square footage, multi-level decks can add functional areas to a tiny GTA backyard, making usable space in the yard larger. With wide stairs in between levels, the deck will feel spacious and will even offer more room for seating when entertaining.

Gorgeous Architectural Design

Architectural interest is the key attraction of Mississauga multi-level decks. Just look at how grand they look. Each layer provides new interest for your eye to behold. While Mississauga deck builders deploy different decking patterns to each level, you can’t help but enjoy the variation and elegance. Each level becomes its own unique space, while the layers of decking create easy and obvious traffic flow to and from your home.

Enjoy the Scenery

Multi-level decks are a perfect way to keep scenic views scenic. With the upper level offering sweeping, gorgeous views of your yard, the lake, or a city skyline, the lower level remains out of site, keeping the view unobstructed while still offering a larger outdoor living area.

Multi-Level = Multi-Function

One of our favorite functions of a multi-level deck is the allowance for areas with different purposes. For instance, you can build a pergola over one level for shaded semi-private space. The lower level can remain in full sun for those who enjoy the warmth of a sunny day. Add an outdoor kitchen or fireplace to the lower level, while still allowing for enough space to dine on the upper level of your Mississauga deck. Space between levels is perfect for adding planters and built-in seating without taking away the functional area of the deck itself.

Family Entertaining

Mississauga multi-level decks are a perfect choice for families who relish entertaining. Adults can enjoy one space while the children get some separation. The upper level creates a great vantage point for supervising little ones playing in the grass. Whatever your family needs are, we are certain a composite multi-level deck custom designed by Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga & Milton will be a great choice. Call today 877-263-0172, email us or fill out the form to the right.

Oakville ON Deck Builder Creates Stunning Dream Backyards with Combination Spaces

Gone are the days of adding a deck to the back of your Oakville ON home and enjoying that singular structure as your main outdoor living and entertaining space. With improvements in composite decking and the increased availability of gorgeous pavers and stone work, the combination space is the new must-have backyard. Oakville residents love the combination of both low-maintenance materials for a beautiful multi-functional outdoor space that flows perfectly from their home through the yard.

Natural Stone Plus Composite Decking Equals Gorgeous Outdoor Living

Composite decking provides a new era of low-maintenance outdoor living. No more annual staining, painting, and sealing, means homeowners have more free time to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Along with the low-maintenance comes new color choices that allow for a modern look and clean lines. Combining the look with natural stonework or paver patios creates a space that is clean and fresh while still working in tandem with the natural surroundings. The beauty of the deck and patio combination is something you can’t forget.

An Oakville deck and patio combination gives your backyard a natural flow from the home out to the lawn, but it also gives you additional space on the patio that is functional for a multitude of purposes. Adjoining patios are a favorite place to add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for evening enjoyment. Patios are a favorite location for adding an outdoor kitchen too, allowing for those long summer nights cooking out under the stars.

Not just for entertaining, stone patios and paver patios are a great way to create a flat functional space in a sloping backyard. With the addition of vertical stone structures like landscape walls, sitting walls and retaining walls, your combination deck, and patio can meet some very real functional needs to transform your backyard into an efficient space where you love to spend time.

Similarly to multi-level decks, one of the added benefits of a combination patio and deck is the multiple spaces for entertaining. Enjoy a quiet conversation with your friends on the deck while your husband and his pals build a fire in the fire pit on the patio.

If you’re struggling to decide between a gorgeous Oakville composite deck and a stunning paver or stone patio, don’t! Choosing is no longer a requirement. Dream big with Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga and Milton. Call 877-263-0172 or email today to begin the process of designing and building your dream outdoor room.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Composite Decking in Oakville Ontario

Word-of-mouth is spreading, making composite decking the most sought after decking material in the Greater Toronto area. With a large choice in colors, no need to paint or stain and 25+ year warranties, composite decking is a perfect choice for your Oakville Ontario deck. But there are even more benefits, here are the top 7 reasons to choose composite decking:

1. No Staining, Painting or Sealing Ever! Often composite or synthetic decking is referred to as low-maintenance decking. The fact that you never have to stain, paint or seal this product means you save money and time each and every year. With wood decking, if you fail to stain or seal your deck at the appropriate intervals you could be left with unsightly and even dangerous splitting and cracking. With composite decking, the most work you’ll have to do is grab the garden hose to clean off leaves or dirt that might accumulate from weather or usage.

2. Composite Decking Looks Like New for Longer. Wood decks can suffer stains and fading over time, while synthetic decking is stain, fade and mildew resistant. Composite decking manufacturers like TimberTech offer a 25-year stain and fade warranty that guarantees your deck will look as good in 25 years as it does the first day you enjoy it.

3. Modern Design Options. The aesthetic look of composite decking allows homeowners to create more modern looking designs for their outdoor living space. While you can go with the classic wood look, manufacturers have options in the line that allow for a more streamlined effect to be deployed in the deck design. Composite decking can be heated and bent for unique custom inlays and borders. It is also offered in a variety of colors to match any outdoor living décor.

4. Comfort. Truly extending your indoor living to the outdoors, composite decking feels as lovely on your bare feet as your indoor flooring. With a soft, smooth finish and no splinters, your Oakville Ontario composite deck will be your favorite place to spend time relaxing.

5. Long Lasting With 25+ year warranties you can expect your composite deck to last for the ages. When investing time and money into a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space, you want to know it will do the job for many years. With the recent improvements in quality and design of composite decking, many suspect the 25 years will be surpassed.

6. Pest Resistant Did you know composite decking is less susceptible to the invasion of pests and insects? Not only are damaging pests like termites deterred because they have no organic material to gain access to, but annoying pests like wasps and bees will also seek other homes, away from your deck.

7. Long-term Cost Benefits. Composite decking is the better investment choice when adding a new deck to your Oakville Ontario home. The cost benefit over the long-run will have you coming out on top. With an average of $300-$500 per year saved on staining, sealing or painting, your investment is done when the deck is complete. The 25+ year lifespan of a composite deck far surpasses the average 15-year life of a wood deck. The life of your 2nd wood deck may be nearing its end by the time the single composite deck may start showing some wear.

For a free consultation, give us a call at 877-263-0172, email us or fill out the form on this website. We look forward to meeting with you!

With the best Oakville ON patio builder extraordinary outdoor living becomes reality

Patios are becoming the favorite outdoor living choice in Oakville for a variety of reasons. Whether a paver patio is the main outdoor living space or a piece of an outdoor living combination, they are beloved for their natural earthy feel that can be flexibly designed to integrate cohesively with the existing landscape. Add to the gorgeous aesthetics the low-maintenance benefits, the vast variety of material choices and colors and the natural addition of vertical hardscape structures like seating walls and kitchens, and you can see why patios are in demand.

Pavers are a natural extension of your Oakville landscaping

Paver stones come in a large variety of materials and colors, but all of them feature the earthy stone look. While you can go with actual natural stone materials like granite, travertine, and flagstone, today’s concrete pavers are elegant and in many cases appear to be made of natural rocks and stone as well. With so many options, we can design a paver patio to fit beautifully into your landscape with curved edges for an organic flow, clean lines for a modern look, or somewhere in between, the choice is yours.

Seating walls and vertical structures

One of the most beautiful features of a quality paver patio is the easy transition from beauty to function. With the addition of vertical structures such as seating walls, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fire pits and bars, the space flows effortlessly from form to function without missing a beat. In fact, you might even see a seating wall or landscape wall and assume it is for aesthetics when in reality it was built with a particular purpose for the individual homeowners’ needs.

High style with low-maintenance

As families become busier than ever, low-maintenance living is in high demand. Time is a precious and limited possession to be used wisely. Paver patios simply need a good sweeping on occasion, and they are good to go. If something happens to a paver, it can be removed and replaced. Natural looking, low-maintenance outdoor living has never looked this good. With such flexibility in style, shape, and size, today’s patios are unexpected and extraordinary. Let Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga & Milton spend our time building your dream Oakville patio, so you don’t have to spend another minute on outdoor maintenance, freeing you up for more enjoyment of your new outdoor living space.

Give us a call at 877-263-0172 or drop us an email to schedule a free consultation.

It's time to choose a Mississauga deck builder!

Regardless of the season, it’s time to begin planning for your new Mississauga deck. Many homeowners think about adding a deck as the flowers start to bloom, the plants turn green and the temperature starts to get seasonable. The challenge with waiting until spring to start planning your new deck is that every reputable deck builder has a waiting list to begin projects and that waiting list is always longer in the warmer months.

Beautiful cedar deck on Mississauga Road

If you start planning your new deck in the winter, you are best positioned to have your new Mississauga deck ready in time to enjoy all the warmer months that year and also for all the years to come. Over the colder months, you can work with your deck designer to decide on the perfect design for your new outdoor living space. You can select materials, sign your contract and be ready to go as soon as the ground thaws enough to dig footers for your new deck.

Take a look at how this lovely contemporary built-in bar adds function and flair to this new deck

If the first buds of spring help you decide you’re ready to add your new deck, that’s great also. While reputable builders have a waiting list, they also have additional crews during the busiest time of year. The sooner you get your project on the docket, the better. The same holds true for summer. Your deck builder works diligently to staff up for the busiest months of the year.

Choosing the best Mississauga deck builder is the next item on your list after you’ve decided you’re ready to add a new deck to your home. A great way to start is doing research online. Take a look at the company’s website. Look through their photo galleries and take a look at profiles of projects they’ve build in your area. Think about the design you are looking for and make sure you see a fit with that builder.

How big should your deck be in the Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga & Milton area

Homeowners often ask us what size we suggest for their new deck. Some homeowners know exactly how large they would like their deck to be and consult us to see if that’s possible. Here is some information to help answer this question.

1) How large can your deck be?
2) How do you want to use your deck?

How large can your deck be?

There are a number of factors that may limit how large your deck can be. These include setbacks, property lines, sewer lines and any other restrictions set by your local jurisdiction. This may frustratingly limit what you had hoped would be possible. Another factor that may limit the size of your deck is large or mature trees. If you have a prized mature tree in your yard, protecting the root system of that tree may affect the size of your deck.

How do you want to use your deck?

Restrictions aside, this is the fun question. Here is how we guide homeowners. There are 3 primary functions a deck is used for. These are eating, seating and cooking.


Is having an outdoor eating area an important reason you are interested in building a new deck? If so, you will want to think about outdoor eating in a couple ways; private escapes, family meals and entertaining. Most people who want a deck can envision stealing away with a cup of lemonade, coffee or hot chocolate depending on the season and temperature. Regardless of your new deck’s configuration, you will have room to accomplish this outdoor living objective.

Do you want your family to regularly enjoy meals outside? How many are in your family? A 6-person table can take up a lot more space than you think. When trying to determine the space requirement, consider not only the table size but the additional room that chairs require when family and guests are both seated near the table eating and when chairs are pushed back after eating. You would be surprised at how much space this requires.


Seating area is generally in addition to eating area. The primary outdoor living objective for most deck owners is eating. A seating area allows for anything from a family member stealing away with a good book, to girls’ night, to loud and rollicking boys’ night when talking about a sports game. Think about the number of people you want to provide comfortable seating for and make sure to consider your seating requirements for the number of guests you regularly host. Then consider actual furniture. Are you thinking about a couple outdoor sofas with a coffee table in between? Are you thinking a 3 or 4 Adirondack chairs with a fire table in the middle? Take a trip to a local store. Arrange the furniture in the configuration you would like and measure how much space that will require. Don’t forget to include space for moving around the area.


Whether you’re considering an Oakville or Mississauga kitchen or a nice grill for your new deck, you are not alone. Most deck owners want to enjoy cooking on their deck. Like above, take a trip to the grill store, measure the grill and add space for comfortably standing in front of it. Consider that grilling isn’t always a solitary experience. Many times the person grilling wants a seat nearby to take a load off in between tending to food. And, that grilling time is often more fun sharing it with someone who also has a seat nearby.

After reading this blog, you can see that determine the best deck size for you is not such a simple formula. It’s important to work with a reputable deck builder who can consult with you to ease in making your decision. For a free consultation, give us a call at 877-263-0172, email us or fill out the form on this website. We look forward to meeting with you!

It's porch time of year for your Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington Or Milton ON Home

What time of year is the best time to add a new porch to your home? In truth, there’s isn’t a bad time. You will enjoy your porch in the warmer months because of the sun protection it provides. You will also enjoy your porch in the transition months because it allows you to spend a little more time outside with the protection of screens or walls. Don’t forget those warm but rainy days. That’s another great time to enjoy your porch while listening to the sound of the rain.

There are quite a few options and considerations when deciding on a porch configuration that works best for you. Ask your porch builder to help you with functional and design features that work best for you. Here are some.

The first thing to know is that your porch is not just a room addition. It’s a place to do a whole lot more living at your home. It will provide living opportunities that you just don’t have inside your home. It’s that perfect transitional room. If you want to eat outside with protection from bugs, your screened porch is the perfect place. If you want to enjoy a quick afternoon nap to recharge before dinner, a screened porch can be the perfect place. If you want a quiet room that’s away from the distractions of inside the home, your new room can be the perfect place. It’s your room and it’s custom designed for you.

We will design your porch for how you and your family want to live outside. Here are some important considerations for tailoring your room to fit the activities you envision in your new room. Are you looking for a room with a tremendous amount of natural light? Are you looking for an area that provides sun protection in a yard that otherwise has no or little sun protection? Are you looking for a place to spend a little more time outside before the cold forces you inside? Let’s explore these.

Let there be light

One of the things homeowners ask for is a room with large window openings, vaulted ceilings and skylights to allow as much light into a room as possible. This is a great place to start when coming up with your porch design. Is your yard heavily shaded with lots of trees? What direction will your porch face? That determines how much sun your room will receive at the time(s) of day you most want to use your room. We can utilize high ceilings, open gables, transom windows or many other techniques to make your room light and bright.

What do you want to keep out, or in?

A porch is a great place to enjoy some outdoor living while keeping some things out. We mentioned rain protection above. A porch will also keep bugs out and, with the help of some special windows, can provide some temperature protection also. There is screen alternative in vinyl windows. If you want to have a window system that can open and close to alternate from screened windows to durable vinyl windows, let your porch builder know. A vinyl window system provides flexibility in the number of months throughout the year you can enjoy your porch. Vinyl windows have the added benefit of providing allergen control preventing dust and pollen from frequenting your porch.

Design options

There are so many design options, we cannot list them all here. These include roof style. Will a gable roof work well with your home? Perhaps a hip roof, shed roof or flat roof are best. How about the flooring? If you have an attached deck, you might want to continue the flooring you are using for your deck. There are quite a few flooring options that include natural hardwood flooring, composite flooring such as TimberTech or even tile flooring. Amenity options are also aplenty. Most people add ceiling fans but we can add anything from a porch fireplace to simple privacy walls to lighting or custom electric options.

Work with a professional design company

As you read above, there are quite a few options and considerations. A professional design company will help walk you through those options. That company will also take care of all the permitting and inspections required by your local agencies. Give us a call for a free consultation at 877-263-0172 or drop us an email to schedule a free consultation.

Are you looking for an Oakville ON deck builder? Read why you should choose Archadeck

Choosing a home improvement contractor is a big decision and not an easy one. There are so many factors ranging from the contractor’s qualifications to whether your trust and like the contractor. After all, they are going to be working in your backyard while they add a deck, porch, patio or other space to your Oakville ON home. Archadeck of Southwest GTA serves Oakville as well as Mississauga, Milton and Burlington ON.

As you go through the contractor selection process, make sure to view their work online – not only on their website but also take a look at their work on Houzz, Pinterest and facebook. Determine if their style suits your tastes and if their designs inspire you with ideas of the type of space you could add to your home.

Make sure you connect with your Oakville ON deck builder in your meeting. Is this someone with the demonstrated design expertise to build your dream space in your backyard? If you’re looking for a smaller project, are they responsive to what your individual needs are instead of recommending something outside the scope of what you’re looking for? On the other hand, if you are looking for ideas and inspiration, is the contractor able to provide insight as to the ideal space for your home?

Your new deck, porch or other space will be a space you will treasure for the remainder of the time you live in your home. It will be the place where you entertain and share special moments with family, friends and neighbors. You will make memories there as well as share quality relaxing time. A new deck is not a one size fits all. Your home configuration and lot will determine some of the confines of what can be built in your yard. But the design inspiration comes from you and how you want to live outside.

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Gable? Shed? Flat? Hip? What roof style is best for your GTA area porch?

If you are considering adding a porch or sunroom to your home in the Oakville ON, Burlington ON, Mississauga or Milton ON area home, there are several design considerations you will need to explore with your contractor. One of the first considerations is roof style. We all have a vision of what our new room or porch will look like and for many of us, that vision includes a gable roof.

Gable roof

A gable roof has a high point in the center and descends downward from that point. This is the roof style that looks like a triangle from the outside and creates a vaulted ceiling from the inside. This is one of the mosts prevalent roof styles for homes for good reason. The gable shape is pleasing to the eye and the interior vaulted ceiling allows for more light to enter creating a bright and airy space.

The gable end can be oriented away from the house or can be aligned with the house. Your design consultant will help with this recommendation based on a number of factors. One key factor that affects most roof style decisions is the exterior configuration of the second story of your home. We do not want your roof to cover any windows or architectural details and we don’t want it to obstruct the view from any second story windows or doors. Many two-story homes have a number of windows or architectural features on the second story affecting the roof style of an added room.

In addition to considering the window configuration, it’s also important to consider the roof style of your home. When possible, emulating the roof style or styles of your current home will ensure your new room looks like it was built at the same time your home was built. Our goal is to ensure your new room addition looks like a natural extension of your home. Emulating the roof style is one way this can be done. Your home may have more than one roof elevation including a gable and a shed roof elevation or another configuration. This allows more flexibility when ensuring your porch roof complements or looks original to your home.

This front porch roof emulates the roof lines and style of the home

Shed roof

A shed roof attaches to the home and descends downward from there. In essence it looks like a half triangle when looking at it from the side. A shed roof is a strong option when there are second-story windows you don’t want to obstruct but you still want some ceiling height within the new porch or sunroom in order to allow more light to enter the room.

Mississauga screened porch with shed roof

Some homeowners are concerned that a shed roof will not allow the amount of light in the screened porch or sunroom that they desire for their room addition. There are several techniques that can be incorporated to ensure the new roof allows as much light to enter as possible. The half gable end can be open (covered with either glass or screens) to allow light to enter. In addition, the entire roof elevation can be increased to allow as much natural light into the room as possible.

Screened porch with shed roof, open gable, and outdoor fireplace

Hip Roof

A Hipe roof has a high point in the center and descends down in 3 or more directions from the highest point. Many upscale GTA area homes have hip roof styles. Adding a porch or sunroom with a hip roof will help ensure the roof lines complement eachother.

What is the difference between Composite decking, PVC decking and Capstock?

If you’re thinking about low-maintenance for your new deck in Oakville ON, Mississauga, Burlington ON or Milton ON, there are several choices available to you. At first glance the choices may be dizzying. They have different features, different colors, different textures and there are several different brands such as TimberTech, Trex and AZEK just to name a couple. In this blog, we will take you through the important things to know when selecting decking material for your new deck or porch.

Believe it or not, composite decking has been around for over 20 years. Way back when, the category was created to be more environmentally friendly. This was achieved through 2 ways. First, manufacturing of ethylene products generated waste that was not otherwise utilized. But secondly, there was a goal to create things like park benches that would last longer, would not splinter, and that were otherwise contributing to the environment. To achieve this, wood fibers were mixed with plastic from manufacturing and other recycling processes. Trex was one of the early manufacturers of composite wood.

Composite boards are created from varying compositions of different materials. Some use recycled plastics such as from grocery bags. Some add wood fibers. Some use original PVC plastic and there are many variations thereof. This is important to know because you may have heard of years’ old troubles with older composite decking such as mold issues. These issues have long been solved to the degree that the composite companies now provide warranties – most ranging from 25 – 30 years. Because composite decking includes a mixture of varying compositions, its pricing is the most economical in the category of synthetic decking products.

On the other end of the scale is PVC decking. PVC is one of the strongest manufactured decking boards having additional qualities that make it at the high end of the pricing scale. PVC is not a composite material. It doesn’t have any wood fibers and there are no recycled materials. It carries some of the best fade and stain resistance of all the boards. AZEK manufactured decking exclusively offers solid PVC decking products. These products are also used for porch floors especially when the deck and porch adjoin.

Encompassing the best of both technologies, there is a relatively new type of board that has a composite core with a PVC cap. This offers the more economical pricing of a composite board with the superior exterior PVC shell. Both TimberTech and Trex provide a capstock decking line.

Regardless of which board you select, all provide performance that is superior to wood. With the entire synthetic decking category covered above, you are provided with warrantied protection from splitting, splintering, rotting and structural damage from termites or fungus. No splinters, ever. It is important to note that manufacturer’s warranties can be voided if your decking is not properly installed. These manufacturers require particular spacing between the structural joists and maintain other building requirements for the warranty to be valid. That’s why it’s critical that you work with a company such as Archadeck that has longstanding successful relationships and building with these decking lines.

If you have an idea of which board you would like, that’s terrific. If you’re not sure which performance you prefer, make sure to request additional assistance and consulting from a building design consultant.

After you have decided the level of performance you are seeking, your next decisions are brand, color, and board. Each of these companies manufacture several different lines that each have different colors and differing textures. Here are a few.

Are you thinking about using Trex for your Oakville ON deck?

  • The Trex Transcend Collections is one of their most popular collections. The board uses 95% recycled materials and has a 3-side shell protection. The Transcend line includes 10 colors. The Premium Tropical colors include warm “Havana Brown”, the very popular deep brown “Lava Rock”, the also very popular warm brown “Spiced Rum”, a lighter brown “Tiki Torch” and a gray “Island Mist”.
  • The Classic Earth Tone shades within the Transcend line include two deep brown shades – “Fire Pit” and “Vintage Lantern”. The lighter brown shade in this collection is called “Treehouse”. The collection also includes a beige color called “Rope Swing” and a lighter gray called “Gravel Path”.
  • The Trex Select Collection comes in 5 shades including a warm brown called “Madeira”, a lighter brown called “Saddle”, a light “Pebble Gray”, a darker "Winchester Gray and a dark “Woodland Brown”.


  • TimberTech’s Terrain Collection has authentic graining that also mimics natural hardwood. Colors include “Brown Oak”, “Rustic Elm” and 3 lighter shades “Silver Maple”, “Sandy Birch”, and “Stone Ash”.
  • TimberTech’s Legacy collection is a capped composite that emulates interior hardwoods with a hand scraped texture and a color pallet that resembles interior hardwoods. The collection also includes Tigerwood, a richer brown “Mocha” and a lighter warm shade “Pecan” that closely resembles that of the authentic pecan it emulates. For a darker gray, the line also includes “Ashwood”.
  • TimberTech’s Tropical collection includes “Caribbean Redwood”, “Antique Palm”, and “Antigua Gold”. To offset this collection is a rich dark gray “Amazon Mist”.


  • AZEK’s solid PVC Harvest Collection includes a chestnut colored “Brownstone”, a more reddish medium brown “Autumn Chestnut”, two gray shades including “Island Oak” and “Slate Gray” and one very deep dark born “Kona”.
  • AZEK’s Vintage Collection is a PVC board capped with a PVC coating providing additional fade and stain resistance. The boards in this collection have a rustic scraped texture and come in rich deep colors such as the medium brown “Cypress”, dark brown “Dark Hickory” and the reddish brown “Mahogany”.
  • AZEK’s Arbor collection is solid PVC collection comes in quite a few colors including Acacia, Mountain Redwood, Brazilian Walnut, Morado, Silver Oak and Hazelwood.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a composite, PVC or capstock deck for your home in Oakville ON, Mississauga, Burlington ON or Milton ON. Give us a call for a free consultation at 877-263-0172 or drop us an email us

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